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 Puma Cats - Pictures
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Puma Cats - Introduction

Puma Cats are known under many other names such as: the Cougar, Panther or Mountain Lion, Catamount, and Painted Cat. Its scientific name is: ''Puma concolor,'' or ''Felis concolor." The names vary depending on the region where the cat is found. The name ''panther'' is more commonly associated with the black color variation of the leopard or the jaguar.

Puma Cats - Statistics

Body Length: 1,1-2 m.
Tail Length: 60-90 cm.
Weight: Males - 30-85 kg, females - 34-48 kg. Sometimes males can weigh over 110 kg.
Litter Size: 2-3 average.
Life Span: 10-15 years.
Status: Endangered.
 Puma Cats - Pictures
Photo courtesy of
Big Cats Online © 1997-2000
Andrew Garman

Puma Cats - Subspecies

There are 24 subspecies of Puma Cat; they are grouped according to their habitat, their relative colors and size. Some subspecies are obscure, based on a few skins, so they may not even exist anymore.

Puma Cats - Physical Description

Puma Cats are large, slender with muscular limbs and large feet. Their hind legs are proportionally the longest of the cat family. The coat of these cats is gray or brown; it is short and coarse in texture. The cat has a pink nose. The underside is creamy white and the throat and chest are white. The tip of the tail is black and there may be black muzzle stripes. The tail of Puma cat is very long about 60-90 cm and it reaches a third of the cat's total length.

Puma Cats - Distribution

Puma Cats inhabit South and North America. Puma Cats are the most widespread of all the American cats and have the largest distribution of any western hemisphere mammal.

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